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The welcoming sessions at the Line Ink studio in Łódź have resulted in a longer collaboration - "It was a truly fascinating experience to get to know a new generation of so many wonderful artists. I would like to express my gratitude for that ♥♥♥."


♡♡♡♡♡ ♡♡♡


The currently challenging situation has proven to be motivating for making changes, which after 10 years in one place, were already justified. Bloody Art has decided to venture down their own paths in their creative endeavors. As a result, Milena is embarking on the journey of creating the Samsara Stigma Project, while Sebastian is returning to the heart of Poland for new challenges ahead.

2019 - Summer

The expansion of artistic endeavors, acquiring new skills, and the modest event "TaTToo 2Day ink Gdańsk" at the Bunker - an exceptional place that is, in itself, an original work of interior architecture.


We were honored by the presence of an outstandingly talented artist Paweł Baśnik, a student of painting at The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław. As part of the trust in Paweł's ability, Sebastian was the first to give the skin to Paweł so that he could make first tattoos.


For the success at the Tattoo Convention in Gdańsk (1st and 3rd place in the same category - a large tattoo in black & grayscale), Sebastian decides to get himself to a new kind of experience - Body Suspension.

2012 - Summer

We host an architecture student, Mateusz Rosiński, and convert him into a new tattoo artist, convincing him to open his own studio under the name MRTattoo

2012 - Winter

Milena's corset inspired H.R. Giger artworks won first place in the "feminine composition" category at the tattoo festival in Łódź city ... and later enchanted the rest of the tattoo world and later ... started a new trend - corseteers!   ;)


Opening a tattoo studio in Gdańsk, led by Sebastian Żmijewski and his sister Milena Żmijewska, a talented designer, tattoo artist, painter and model


As a trainee of Miniol, Sebastian presents a portrait of a Xenomorph during Tattoo Festival in Lodz and wins 1st place in the "realistic tattoo" category  :)


Sebastian's trips ... and independent artistic endeavors.


The idea for the name and design of the first Bloody Art website (first version).


2nd International Festival of Artistic Tattoo in Warsaw "MegaTattoo" - Sebastian (aka Vampiria) wins the 2nd place by tattoo that was inspired Boris Vallejo painting "Mistress Of Fire".

The '90s

Fascination with painting and drawing, experimenting with new tattooing techniques with the first volunteers under the needle.

The '80s

The initial fascination with the art of controlling pain and other bodily processesand, first self-injury and first attempts at tattooing.

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