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Bloody Art - Tattoo Studio - Milena Żmijewska - Sebastian Żmijewski - Gdańsk, ul. Ogarna 85/86/2 - Pracownia Tatuażu

       From an early age I am fascinated with painting, drawing and graphics.
So education in this direction at the Basic School of Fine Art in Gdynia and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, was a fascinating adventure to me.
The first years dedicated to the graphic arts and painting, through advertising industry, as well as interior design, make-up and styling led me to this incredible field of art, which is the art of tattoo.
Since the first trial I felt like it is the right way.
Constantly hone their skills to hand catching the quality of ideas, which I have a lot of my imagination.
I hope a lot of beautiful tattoos made by my hand will adorn people who love art of tattoo.
       My fascination with drawing and tattoo began in the early 80s, but only in the early 90s, I felt confident enough to start tattooing the first volunteers.
My first tattoo studio I opened in 1998 and since then tattooing is my passion, so that still develops.
The artworks presented here are only a small part of my accomplishments associated with tattooing since around 1994.
Currently I specialize in performing realistic and surreal tattoos in shades of gray.
The bigest satisfaction to me is creating an individual biomechanics, photo-realistic motifs and portraits but also copying to the skin the artworks of masters of surreal painting.
A new original challenges light my passion.
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